About Us

The Ontario Educational Championship Team (Grey / Bruce / Huron-Perth) is a group of community members from a variety of sectors. We work together to increase the awareness, participation, and the success of youth in care at all levels of education, while preparing them for employment.

The OECT Grey / Bruce / Huron-Perth focuses on the needs of youth in extended society care (formerly Crown Wards) to help them overcome their unique barriers, allowing them to have a better chance at succeeding in post-secondary education, training and employment.

We are here to utilize the resources and abilities of our partners to help youth in extended society care feel supported and confident in each phase of their education, academic and career journeys.

Some of the activities that our partnership undertakes to help youth in extended society care include:

  • Career and lifestyle visioning activities through photo and video projects
  • Work closely with local employment agencies to assist with job placements and skill development
  • Implement post-secondary peer-based programs and community-based service-learning programs
  • Work in partnership with local school boards to ensure education success
  • Support foster families through sharing relevant information

How We Can Help

The OECT Grey / Bruce / Huron-Perth understands the unique challenges that youth in extended society care face every day. We are here to help these youth (and those supporting them) make their dreams and aspirations a reality by providing them with the tools, resources and information to help them have a better chance. We have youth in extended society care directly involved in the planning of these resources, tools and outreach events through our Youth Advisory Board to make sure that we are providing the right information and the best answers.

Have a look and see for yourself: we have tons of information to help you make decisions on the type of education and training you want, financing and funding opportunities, and other helpful tools and checklists to help you make a successful transition into post-secondary education.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about OECT or this website, you can send an email to nicholas@yatc.ca.


Here are some of the Contacts for some of our Grey / Bruce / Huron-Perth Post-secondary Partners:

For a comprehensive list, please visit this link. Or contact us to help figure out how we can contact your school of choice.

Youth In Transition Workers

Youth in Transition Workers are now available to support former youth in extended society care in transitioning out of care. The Youth in Transition Worker helps youth ages 16-24 connect with educational, employment, housing, life skills, mental health and other resources in their communities. The program works from a strength-based youth driven framework, which means; the program is voluntary and based on whether the young person feels they need further support.

Contact YMCA to find out more.