About Us

The Ontario Educational Championship Team (Niagara Region) is a group of community influencers from various sectors working collaboratively to create awareness while increasing youth’s participation in education, training, and employment.  

The Niagara Region team focuses mainly on youth in extended society care (formerly Crown Wards) as we work together to overcome unforeseen and foreseen unique barriers to ensure future success through the provision of support for post-secondary education, training, and employment.

Supports available includes:

  • Career and college explorations
  • Work closely with local employment agencies to assist with job placements and skill development
  • Implement post-secondary peer-based programs and community-based service-learning programs
  • Work in partnership with local school boards to ensure education success
  • Support foster families through sharing relevant information

Niagara Region’s Local website “Learning Like Champions”

A powerful resource for youth

Learning Like Champions is an exciting resource designed by the Niagara Region OECT Team to increase awareness, participation, and success of youth in care by providing information to youths and staff about upcoming events, resources for students about post-secondary pathways (workplace, apprenticeships, college, or university) and how to get involved.

Click here to learn more and to see upcoming events for youth in care.

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