Our Story

The Crown Ward Educational Championship Team of Prescott & Russell, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry (PR & SDG) is a group of community members from a variety of sectors. We work together to enable better education, training and employment opportunities for all youth with Crown Ward status.

We work together to develop a local community-based model, with strong partnerships amongst local CAS’s French and English language school boards, postsecondary institutions and employment and training services.

Our goal is to identify youth with Crown Ward status within the community and create a sustainable and responsive support system for youth of this status that includes institutional practices and policies that are responsive to their needs and individual support tailored to help them make the transition from one level of education to the next.

Our many other goals that we have put in order to further help our youth are those of:

  • Creating a tip sheet for our youth to help when they feel overwhelmed and need to know where to turn
  • Establishing a similar program to SD&G: team of workers to help youth to transition to post-secondary education (informing them as to what services are available, care packages, support, help with appliances, finances, keeping in touch with the students)
  • Establishing a system to share information with our youth efficiently