What We Strive to Do

This video, produced through the York Durham Crown Ward Education Championship Team, is aimed at inspiring youth in care to achieve their educational goals.

Often, children and youth in care face unique education and career preparation challenges. The York-Durham Ontario Education Championship Team (OECT) is here to help! Our group, which is comprised of Durham and York Region children’s aid societies, school boards, colleges, universities and employment service providers, works collaboratively, planning and facilitating access to supports and services that allow children and youth in extended Society care to achieve success in high school and to explore and pursue their personal post-secondary education, training and employment goals.

Who We Are

How We Can Help

Examples of ways our team can help youth in extended Society care to prepare for successful post-secondary education and employment experiences include:

  • facilitating access to resources and opportunities available to youth in care and those who support them;
  • planning and delivering career and post-secondary awareness activities designed to help youth to identify pathways to their desired education, training and employment destinations and ensuring that they have the information and resources needed to maximize opportunities; 
  • supporting youth in the development of their post-secondary education and job readiness skills;
  • building relationships and professional awareness among partnering organizations so that we’re better able to meet the needs of children and youth in care.

How You Can Learn More

We invite you to visit the links above and to check out our events calendar below. Should you have questions, please contact your worker for more information.

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